Monday, July 21, 2008

Poor Deidra...

My little girl has inherited my small mouth.

I took her to the dentist last week for a check-up and the dentist was concerned about crowding and sent us to see the orthodontist. We saw the orthodontist and he said that her permanent teeth that are waiting to come in have already turned to try to come down into the open space, but they're still so big that they really don't have room to come down. So, she has to have two permanent teeth that she already has in pulled to make room for the 2 that need to come down. She goes in next week Wednesday. I had to have several teeth pulled when I was younger from the same problem, so when I told her that she is quick to blame me now. She's scared to death...I keep trying to tell her that the dentist will be gentle, but at the same time with my far of dentists now I'm nervous for her too.

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