Sunday, July 20, 2008

Little A's 7th Birthday

We picked the girls up from Montessori a little early on Wednesday (the day of Little A's 7th birthday) and Little A was so excited about her birthday. She greeted me with a hug and we went to Chuck E. Cheese. We ordered pizza, breadsticks, and the salad bar, but she was too excited to eat much. So, we ate and then played games and we got lots of tickets. The kids all had a blast. We came home and she opened her presents and she was actually quite happy with what we got her (Littlest Pet Shop house and 2 kits with additional animals) and then we had her close her eyes while we brought her cake out. She was like "how did you know that this was totally the cake that I wanted?" I told her that I knew that Hannah Montana was her thing and she had told me awhile back that she wanted that cake and so that's the one that I ordered. She was absolutely psyched! So, we had some cake together and then got the kids ready for bed as it was already way past their bedtime. The girls played a bit before bed and then they went to sleep. When I tucked her in she was extremely grateful for all that we did for her birthday and it was nice to see that she had a change of tune. She even apologized all on her own for the way that she had talked to me earlier in the day and I thanked her for that.

Thursday, she went to her visit and her Mom had brought her the same cake and she got a bunch of Hannah Montana music toys and a game and a couple new outfits. She had a good visit that day and she was very happy. I was glad that her Mom was out of the hospital so that she could celebrate her birthday with her. I knew Little A would have been very disappointed if they missed another visit because Mom was in the hospital. So, I was happy for her. Her Mom was happy that she had had a good birthday.

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