Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Calgon take me away!

Andy's working late tonight (rather he went with another co-worker to another co-worker's house to fix her computer) and I'm dealing with a 2-year old who has been testing me all day long and the girls keep arguing over every stupid thing. Little A's birthday is tomorrow and she is practically rubbing it in Deidra's face. Deidra asked to go down to the neighbor's for some time out so I gave her an hour to play down there. Now it looks like some storms are blowing in and I'm wondering if I should go down and get her a few minutes early. We had a bunch of ebay auctions end and I'm trying to invoice everyone. We ran a summer clearance sale and Andy put all of our store items on auction to try to clear out some stuff and I literally have about 50 people to invoice. I'm cramping and cramping and my PMS is just horrible and all these little things are just making it worse. I think once I get the kids in bed I am going to run a hot bath and relax in the bubbles for awhile. I'm on the verge of tears and I feel so stupid because of it. I'm not normally like this...I blame it all on PMS. lol.

Just 40 more minutes and then it's bath and bed time. Then once I get them down, I just have to feed Baby L some cereal and a small bottle of formula and give him a bath and he'll be ready to go down for the night too. I can do it!

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