Friday, July 11, 2008

You Can Tell I've Been Out of the Dating Scene For Awhile...

I went to the store last night to look for some things for our trip this weekend and to get diapers and stuff for the kids that they'll need at the sitters. I'm in the nightgown (wink) section and I noticed that this guy kept looking at me and so I kept moving to the other side of the rack. I picked out a few things and went to the dressing room (2 racks from where I was) and this guy saunters up to me and asks me if I want to go across the street to Applebee's and get a drink. I tell him I'm married and that's not something I do. He looks at me again and says "I've been watching you for a few minutes and just thought I'd ask." I totally didn't know what to do and finally blurted out, "thanks, but no thanks." I quickly ran up to the counter to get a dressing room. I came home and told Andy and he kept asking me if the guy was cute...I told him not really...not that it mattered anyway...that's not something I was going to go do. I'm a married girl and he didn't need to worry. I've never been a cheater and didn't plan to start now. I told Andy though that you can tell that I've been out of the whole dating scene anyway...not that I've dated many people anyway...there was one person before him...but I totally didn't know what to say to the guy and I was totally uncomfortable in the situation.

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