Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little stinker is too funny!

Thanks. Baby J is so cute. He came downstairs from his nap and saw Little A's presents on the table and he said "my birthday?" I told him that he just had his and that it was Little A's birthday. I put him in his high chair to eat his lunch before speech and he just kept eyeing those presents. Before I let him down, he kept yelling "open, open." So, I knew we had to go put the presents up out of reach so he couldn't get into them. He walks into the pantry when I let him down to go see where I put them and he comes back to the kitchen looks at me and says "Mommy, I love you more." We play that game all the time "I love you, Mommy." "I love you more, J." and we go back and forth. So, it was so cute to see him trying to win me over. I giggled over that one. But, I told him that it was Little A's birthday and that those were for her and he says "awww". He's getting too smart, but it's hysterical. Stinker!

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