Friday, August 01, 2008

I hate spiders!

We've really been having a tough time with wolf spiders in our house. It seems like we find 3-5 during a week lately. I hate them...they're huge and they run fast. I will not touch them at all to try and kill them. And you have to be careful because the mom spiders carry their babies on their you get one of those and you have little marbles rolling around your floor as well that are actually little baby spiderlings. What fun!

Anyway, I'm sitting on the living room floor today feeding Baby L and I notice something scurrying across the floor and I freak as I realize it's yet another wolf spider. I jump up and put the food on the counter and go to get the vacuum cleaner and the spider stops right in between me and the vacuum almost like he knew what I was going to do. We have a stare down and then he runs under my computer desk. I make my way to the vacuum and wait for him to come out. What does he do...he runs along the wall and into my guest bathroom (the most used bathroom as it's the only one downstairs). I shut the door to the bathroom and figure he can stay there and I'll make my way upstairs to go to the bathroom today until Andy gets home to take care of him. So, the phone rings and I tell Andy that I'm getting pest control out here. I can't handle these things anymore...they give me a heart attack everytime I see one and I've already been bitten once and with the kids around I don't want them getting bit, especially with the babies doing tummy time and such on the floor. He tells me to get a quote and we'd see about one coming out. Then, while I'm talking to him, I let out this huge screech. The spider has come out and is standing in the middle of the hallway to trap me in the kitchen. What do I do? I'm half-way panicking and Andy is laughing at me.

I climbed over the couch (something I'm always telling the kids not to do) to get the vacuum mcleaner and I let Baby J down to do spider patrol (he's alwyas telling us where the bugs are) in case he made a run for it. So, I ran and got the vacuum and spider tries to make it to the staircase, but when I bumped the wall it knocked him down to the floor again and I was able to suck him up. I put the vacuum back and I am half-way expecting him to come lunging out of there after me again. Man, these things really must know that I do not like them! And I really need to teach Baby J that not all bugs are spiders. He scares me half to death when he yells out "spider, Mommy, spider!" Half the time, it's an ant. I can deal with those...although they do bite down here as well...but I'll take an ant bite anytime over dealing with a spider.

I'm waiting for pest control to call me back to get them out today. Spiders be gone!



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