Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm so proud of the girls...

I don't know why I didn't start doing this sooner...both of them were starting to get attitudes that they were just obligated to get their allowances no matter what. Well, with Little A I have go give it to her as it's a foster care rule, but I figure that she doesn't have to necessarily know that.

We set all the kids (well, except for Baby L) up with a chore chart. They have a chore for each year that they are old. So Baby J has 2 (putting the shoes in the closet and picking up his toys) and the girls each have 7. They each have to make their beds and clean up their own messes in their room and putting away their own clothes. Then each week they're going to alternate which bathroom they're in charge of cleaning and maintaining (this week Deidra is doing the guest bathroom and Little A is doing the kid's bathroom and next week they'll flip flop) and Little A is sweeping the kitchen floor, taking the trash out, and getting the mail. Deidra is vacumming the downstairs (play and living room), dusting, and doing the cat boxes. If they tell me they're bored, they get an extra chore to do. Like yesterday they both complained that there wasn't anything to do and so they each got Lysol wipes and one went upstairs and the other went downstairs and they had to wipe all the doorknobs off. They're loving getting to check off their chore charts for jobs done and at the end of the week they'll get their allowance. I just hope that they both keep up their good attitudes about it. They've been awesome and it's nice to have the extra help around the house and they're learning some responsibility too.

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