Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teaching the kids about safety...

I've been having a horrible time trying to teach the kids about safety. Baby J has no fear of anything. I have to watch him like a hawk or he'll run out into the street, he'll run from me outside (he thinks it's hilarious), he knows that the stove is hot, but he doesn't understand that it will hurt him. So, anytime I'm cooking or baking, he's sitting in the kitchen with me in his high chair where I know he can't get hurt. He unlocks the doors and books outside as fast as he can...thank goodness for my door alarms he never gets far. Little E opens the doors to anyone. No matter how many times I try to tell her that she is not to open the door without Mommy, she will book to the door when she hears the doorbell ring. Her and Josiah both do. I've tried talking to them about strangers and how we don't talk to everyone and take things from people that we don't know. Baby T is still so shy and fearful that I don't really need to worry about her.

So, today I decided that I was going to get 2 DVDs off of Amazon that looked pretty good.

I got Trouble and Kids|Toddler Home Safety [DVD] (2007) Alex De Castro &

along with Stranger Safety (the DVD that John Walsh put out with the Baby Einstein lady)

I'm hoping that will get through to them and I'm going to try to find all the books on safety and so forth at our library that I can read to them as well.

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