Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prayer request for my MIL and her hubby

Andy's Step-Dad has been in and out of the hospital for the past few years...for awhile they didn't think he was going to make it and he surprised all the doctors and everything and he pulled through. He just had a relapse a couple of months ago and he's been really week and back on oxygen full-time. Andy's Mom has been really sick with some sort of illness that had her bed-ridden for about 5 days. She thought she was feeling somewhat better and then started going downhill again. I guess over the past few days it was taking everything out of her just to stand up and try to cook dinner and so forth. She went to the doctor and they did blood work and it came back all messed up so they sent her to the hospital telling her that she was suffering from exhaustion (being sick and trying to take care of Hal on top of it all). She called Geoff and Mimi (Geoff is Andy's brother and Mimi is his wife) and asked them to go get their dog and take care of him while she was in the hospital and when they went to go get the dog, they found Hal passed out on the floor. They got the ambulance and followed them to the hospital and got him all signed in. I guess what they're saying is that he didn't think he could take care of himself while their Mom was in the hospital and he suffers from some anxiety attacks due to his health and so he got panicky and that's what caused that. So, now they're both in the same hospital trying to recover, but on different floors. Please keep them both in your prayers. Andy feels guilty that he's not closer to help out and I just hope that they both can recover quickly.

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