Friday, February 19, 2010

These things that these poor little girls worrry about...

These poor girls and what they worry about. We were up at Walmart today and we walked by the baby aisle. Little E told me we had to get some things for Melina and I told her we’d get her some more stuff later. Mommy wasn’t feeling well and just needed to hurry up and get in and out of the store. She asked me if we could get stuff for her when she went away so she would have some clothes and toys to play with like Mommy and Daddy got for her and Baby T when they came to live with us. I looked at her and asked what she meant. She said “you know when Melina goes to live with her other grandma like her baby sister did.” I told her that Melina was going to stay with us forever and we will all be a forever family. She started to cry and asked me if she was ever going to have to leave us. I told her no, she was going to be ours forever and Daddy and I would always be here for her and Baby T. She wrapped her little arms around my neck…what a pair we made in the middle of Walmart with tears running down our faces.



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