Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deidra and her dyslexia testing

I will know more when we meet with the school panel the week after spring break, but they said she's a very smart little girl and she does not have dyslexia. They're not sure why she's struggling with some of the things that she is, but her grades are all As and Bs and we're happy with that. She said the teacher is reporting that she is having some trouble focusing and paying attention. She said if a child is ADD they can have issues with some of the things that she is struggling with in school, but it was up to us whether we wanted to test her or not. She also said that some parents that she works with have reported that Brain Age has helped their kids a whole lot. She said she'd talk to us more when we all sat down with the school panel. That's fine, I'm just relieved that she let me know that she does not have dyslexia now so that I wasn't having to wait to find out. Thank you, Lord, for that answer to prayer.

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