Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Please let us get some answers for Josiah today...

We went to behavioral therapy yesterday and I let them know that Josiah is throwing 2-3 hour rages over the smallest things, he'll quit for 10 minutes and then he'll start up over something else. He refuses to take "no" for an answer and is very oppositional, he's super hyper, having issues sleeping, and we're back to the safety concerns. I sent him downstairs for maybe 3 minutes to watch tv with Little E while I dressed Baby T. Little E started telling me that Josiah was into stuff. I come downstairs and Josiah has a bunch of stuff in his hand that I had had on top of the refrigerator. He had used Baby T's high chair to push over to the refrigerator, climbed up in it and stood up and climbed up on top of the refrigerator to get what he wanted.

Last weekend, I had gone in his room to put his laundry away and noticed that his bedroom screen was loose, the screens are flimsy so I just thought the wind knocked it loose. I fixed it without thinking anything of it. We came home from therapy last night and Andy wanted to know why we had a bunch of plug covers in the driveway in front of the garage. I didn't know where they came from and figured they must have been in the garage and blew out when Deidra had the garage door open before and we just didn't catch it. This morning, Andy went in to get Josiah to bring him downstairs and he noticed that Josiah had taken all of his plug covers out of his outlets and when he asked Josiah about it,Josiah admitted to throwing them all out of his window and his screen was dislodged again. We're going to have to get some sort of window locks to install today.

Monday, he dumped glue and lotion all over in Deidra's room because he was mad at me because I sent him to his room because I didn't want to have to listen to his 2 hour screaming tantrums. We wound up having to put a lock on Deidra's door so that he can no longer get in there. It just seems like he has to be in my constant line of sight or he's causing destruction.

Last night at behavioral therapy, the panel that we meet with made mention that they think there's a missing link of the puzzle going on with Josiah. We've had the behavior strategies in place for quite awhile now and I keep logs going as well and they say we're doing all the right things, he's just either not making the connection of right and wrong or he's being willfully disobedient. I think it's a matter of both. He's really becoming hard-to-handle and I told them that I'm at a loss to find out what's going on as everytime I bring up his behaviors to different professionals all I get told is "he's 3 and he's a boy." They told me that if I feel something isn't right and they feel that with their panel they can't narrow it down to what they feel is wrong, that he needs further testing. She feels that there's something in his background that we're not aware of that they need to test him on and see if we can find the missing link.

I told them I had made him an appt with the ENT (he goes this afternoon) to see about getting him allergy tested and to see about his tonsils and I also want to say that he sleeps very poorly and restlessly and they said they could do a sleep study on him. Andy had read an article and I also had a respite provider that had told us about it that when kids have their adenoids and tonsils removed that they can sleep better and the hyperactivity level goes way down. The lack of sleep makes them hyper and impulsive instead of tired. He had his adenoids removed a little over a year ago, so I just want to make sure that the tonsils aren't causing any problems. The occupational therapist said that she's wondering if he doesn't have any food allergies that are the cause of his behaviors being so far over the top, yet when I told his regular pediatrician she blew that off, she said they're finding with more research that ADHD is neurological instead of food related. I called the ENT about Baby T and getting a referral to the neurologist and found out that they did allergy testing and would be willing to test Josiah, so he's going in for a follow-up today and then I'm hoping we can schedule him for allergy testing and some of the other things that I'd like done on him.

I worry about him as I don't know what's wrong, the ADHD meds are not helping, he's agressive, impulsive, and into everything, and something needs to be done before he hurts himself with this lack of fear that he has. The behavioral therapists said that if I run into a brick wall, they can get him scheduled for some of the testing that they do. So, I'm really hoping that we can start getting the ball rolling to find out what is truly going on.

Abba, please guide us and help us today so that we can get some real help for Josiah.



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