Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OT Therapy Re-Evals

Little E and Baby T had their re-evals for occupational therapy a couple of weeks ago. Every 6 months they are re-evaluated so we can see how much progress they've made or new goals that need to be on their plans. I asked the therapist about them this week and she updated me on their progress. 6 months ago, they were about a year and a half behind. This time...

Baby T--41 months of age.
Developmentally she's scoring as low as 22 months old and as high as 36 months old. She's scoring at 22 months of age with her fine motor skills and 36 months old with self-help skills. OT says if we can just get her to potty train, she'd be where she needs to be with self-help skills.

Little E--4 years and 7 months of age.
She's scoring in the bottom 1% of her age group for visual perception skills. That blew me away! She's scoring at a 36 months of age for visual motor/perception. And at 42 months for fine motor skills. She's on target for her self-help skills.

The OT did tell me that she appreciated that we always asked questions and that I did carry over with them as they are coming alot farther with the stuff that I do with them too. She said that she had 3 families that were really good about that stuff and that we were one of them. That made me feel good. I told her I get frustrated sometimes when I hear their progress reports as I don't understand sometimes why we do x, y, and z and they still are struggling so far behind. Granted, when I received their case files and I was able to see the initial evaluation notes, I was able to see the bigger picture and I know deep down that they really have come a LONG way, but sometimes I get frustrated that we still have SO far to go. I am proud of them though and we will just keep working really hard.

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