Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Josiah's allergy testing...

We took Josiah in for allergy testing yesterday. They tested him for various things and we found out that he's got a little allergy to ragweed (grade 1), little allergy to elm, sycamore (grade 2 on those), and house dust (grade 1). He had a huge allergy to dust mites (grade 5). Then, they did all of his mold allergies and he's REALLY allergic to most of those..pencillium notatum and candida albicans he was just grade 2 and grade 3 allergies and then with alternia and helmin. haiddes he was very allergic too with a grade 5+. And he's a little allergic to cats (grade 3). We tried to take him for his blood test to find out what his food allergies were, but even though we got there at 3:45 and they closed at 4, they were already closed. So, I got to take him back for that this morning. Guess he does need to go back on his daily dose of Zyrtec. The doctor has him on Nasonex right now as well and he wanted us to see if he got relief from that before we decided to do allergy shots.

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