Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bought Melina's Crib Bedding...

I fell in love with a pink and brown crib set from Babies R Us (the Mia Rose collection). It was a little bit more than what I wanted to spend on crib bedding however. I was ebay hunting over the past couple of days for little girl outfits and pajamas and I decided to see what they had as far as crib sets went. I found this 9 piece set that was also in pink and brown butterflies and I decided that this was just as cute. I got the mobile to match as well. Andy got some money for some computers that he sold today as well, so that worked out pretty well to be able to buy her bedding now. I can't wait till it arrives and I can finish decorating her little area. I need to wait a few more days to order her wall art. Then her little area will be finished.

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