Thursday, September 09, 2010


We got a lot of rain from Tropical Storm Hermine. It had rained the past couple of days. Yesterday, we went to therapy in Dallas and when we left, they were telling us to be careful as a lot of roads were being closed due to all the flooding. It was raining when we left, so Andy told me to wait under the awning and he'd pull the van up for us. He came back and told us that there were tornadoes on the ground in Ellis County and some other areas. I asked where and he said he wasn't sure, but to listen to the radio. I got in the van and pulled over by his car so I could wait for him and Tracie to get in his car and told him that there was a tornado near Duncanville. We pulled out of the parking lot and they started talking about watching a storm near the hospital district and that a tornado warning could be called at any time. I freaked out a little, but tried to stay calm as we drive right through there to get on the highway to go home. We started driving and Andy called me and told me to stay on his tail as he was listening to the storm updates on the radio. So was I. I called my Dad to see if he was still in Dallas...he was already into New Mexico and so I told him that there were tornadoes popping up all over. I pulled up under a bridge at a red light and the tornado sirens went off and they started talking about how it was over the Trinity River and going over 35 and up into the hospital district. Andy decided that we weren't getting on the highway, he was going to take us East to try to go around it. I looked towards the highway and I called Andy and I told him that if he looked back behind where he works that I thought I could see the tornado, but the buildings were in the way. He looked and said that he could see something too, but we weren't sure what it was as the buildings were in the way. People started blowing the red lights and so we did too. Once we were able to head in the direction of the highway and headed south, the weather cleared. When we got home and saw the coverage of the tornadoes and they showed the Dallas tornado on the news where we were, Andy said "yup, that is what we saw." He looked on the map to see where they were showing damages reported and where we were in relation to it all...we were parallel to it about a mile away. Wow! I was trying to remain calm driving in it although the little ones really didn't have a clue as to what was going on, but I looked over at Deidra and tears were running down her face. I reached over and took her hand and just kept telling her that it was going to be ok.

It was just really odd. The weather really didn't seem that bad at all when we came out of therapy at all, it had been much worse in the morning. I told Andy that when the tornadoes hit a couple months back it was exactly like that too. No rain or anything and then the tornado sirens went off. Looked out the front door to see a sunny day...then I looked out the back door and it was a totally different picture that was approaching with scary green skies making it's way towards us. I really wasn't scared today, but when I was home by myself with the kids when the other ones hit, I was crying. I think it makes a difference having Andy with me. Anyway, I'm just glad that we all got home safely. Thank you, Abba, for watching over us.

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