Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emma and boys

I'm starting to worry about my Emmy, dear Abba. She is always talking about how she needs a boyfriend and he's going to sleep in her room. I keep telling her that she's too young to have a boyfriend and that no boys will be in her room. She keeps asking Andy and I why we got married. I don't think she really understands what she's asking and she went through a phase where she kept saying that Daddy needed a girlfriend and that he needed to kiss her. We just keep telling her that once you're married you don't have girlfriends and boyfriends anymore...you can have friends, but that's what they stay and you don't kiss them. She's really been having some behavioral issues at school (she's gotten 2 green stars in the 7 days that we've had school and the other 5 days she's come home with warnings and time outs that she's had to do). Yesterday, Deidra informed me that Emma had kissed a boy in the gym and that all of Deidra's friends were making fun of Deidra for it. Emma struggles with boundaries and what is appropriate so we had a talk with her that we don't kiss other kids that are not in our family and that we keep our hands and feet and body parts to ourselves. She thinks it's funny. I just really worry sometimes about what she's seen as a little girl as her birthmom had different boyfriends and had babies with different people too. It's amazing that she came to us at 3, but she already has a sense that it's ok to do that. She's just worrying me a bit. I know it's normal to some extent to do the whole boy thing and be boy crazy, I just thought it would come later than this. Deidra is just now getting into this at 9 almost 10 and Emma just turned 5 this summer. Wow!

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