Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My little Melina

She is such a sweet and content baby. She just smiles and coos at us and hearing her little laughs is just so precious. I could sit and watch her all day. She loves to cuddle. She is getting stronger and stronger at holding her head up and she loves to stick her hand and fingers in her mouth to chomp at them. Granted, she doesn't have any teeth yet, but those fingers are always in her mouth. She loves to hold onto our shirts and she tries to eat those too. And if you hold her, she's constantly got your hair in one of her fists too. She doesn't pull it all the time, she just wants to hold it. She will still take the pacifier, but most of the time she spits it out. She is sleeping in her bed at night now too, although she hasn't slept through the night yet. She got sick with a cold and we've had to keep her sleeping elevated at night in her swing or her bouncy seat the last couple of days to help her breathe better. Poor little baby! She really is a good baby. SHe loves to watch her sisters and her brother and tries so hard to be a big girl. She loves to stand up and see everything. We love her so much! She is playing with her toys a bit more too on her play mat and in her bouncy seat. She is batting at them and trying to pull on them. I love to watch her!



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