Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet the Teacher Night

I'd say it was a success. It was a little crazy and hectic with having to go to 2 different schools and then going to 3 different classrooms and filling out papers and bringing all their supplies. We went to Josiah's school first and he was really mad that he didn't get to stay and play and Tracie threw a fit that she couldn't get her picture taken like Josiah. I don't know how many times that we had told the kids that we were just there for Josiah so that he could meet his teacher. I felt bad for her as she missed the cut off to be able to go to school this year by 13 days, but honestly she's not ready for pre-k anyway so the extra year will be good for her. I was glad to see that a friend of mine's little boy will also be in josiah's class. I also told the teacher that he was on ADHD meds, but that he's still a bit on the wild side. Reading over the clasroom discipline policy with how they earn colors, I think he's going to have some struggles, but we'll just have to see how he does.

Then, we went over to Deidra and Emily's school. We went to Emmy's room first and Josiah and Tracie completely fell apart in there because they couldn't play with everything and they couldn't sit at a desk and they kept touching everyone else's paperwork. And Josiah started yelling that he wanted Emmy's sucker that was in her welcome packet. It got a bit hectic for a few minutes. Then, I had a bit of stress because they didn't know if Emmy could ride the bus on the first day with Deidra as we hadn't filled out a bus application when we did her enrollment paperwork. I told them that when she went to pre-k they just sent the kindergarten enrollment form home and I had been in the hospital at the time, so we just filled it out and didn't know that there was more to it. We just turned that form back into the school. Thankfully, when I went to talk to the office they said that she could ride the first day as the bus office was about 2 weeks behind with paperwork anyway. Thank the Lord! Emmy really didn't seem all that excited while we were there, so it'll be interesting to see how she does for a whole day this year. I know she really struggled last year just doing half days. But, hopefully she'll do ok. Her teacher seemed pretty nice.

Then, we went to Deidra's room. She was excited to have some students that she had in class last year in her class again. I think she had about 4 kids in her class that were in there last year, so that will be good for her. She dropped her supplies off, I filled out the paperwork and the bus contract and she found her locker in the room, she introduced herself to the teacher and we talked about how the kids would get to the bus as I was worried about Emily finding her way to the correct bus and thought she'd feel better (she gets scared easily) if Deidra could take her. How they do it though I think will work out.

We came home with 3 huge packets to fill out for each child and I told Andy that he was going to help me. :-) Josiah and Emily each got a letter to open on the first day of school. I thought that was so cute. I am excited for them to be able to go and learn!

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