Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Josiah and His Giant Goose Bump

Josiah was really struggling with not listening in the morning and I went to put him in time out and he didn't want to go. I got up and took his hand and went to lead him to the time out spot. He picked his feet up from underneath him at the same time he decided to launch himself backwards to get out of going to time out. I was holding the baby at the same time and didn't have the greatest grip on him. He hit his head on the linoleum and started crying. He doesn't feel pain all that well, so I knew it must have really hurt. I turned to put the baby down and he started yelling "I have a bump on my head, I have a bump on my head!" I went to look and was freaked out at the giant bump that he had on the back of his head. I called Andy to see if he thought I should bring him into the ER and he said just to watch him and if he vomited that I should bring him in. Well, my friend is an ER nurse, so I texted her the picture and told her what happened and she pretty much told me the same thing and said that since it was swelling outward that was a good sign and that a dent is more concerning. I decided to call his pediatrician's office while I was waiting for her text and the receptionist said that if he was acting fine that he was probably all right, but just to watch him for dizziness and if he started getting sick but that she'd have the nurse call me back. It was a good thing that it wasn't an emergency I guess as the nurse never called me back until 6 at night. The incident happened around 9 am. She apologized when I told her that and said that they had been super busy all day and she was just getting to her phone messages. I never have had problems with that office, so I understand...just glad that other people were around to advise me I guess. Then again, I knew too that if he started acting unusual or getting sick I would have gotten him to the ER to be seen.

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