Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Josiah's 4-year Well Check

He's 41 lbs (81%) and 41 1/2 inches (65%). The doctor asked if he was still in therapy and I said he's still in OT to work on motor skills and behaviors. We went over his milestones and he seems to be right on target. Physically, he runs all over, climbs, jumps, can get himself dressed and undressed, can do buttons and zippers...still not doing great with scissors but it just takes practice. Socially and emotionally, he has a hard time understanding other people's viewpoints and feelings sometimes, he loves to play and pretend, he's getting very argumentative and bossy, he's having a hard time with understanding lying and the truth (we know that's normal around this age), he is defiant and copies all that he sees and hears. Language skills...he talks and talks and talks. His favorite question to ask is "why?" He is calling names and is silly. He likes to tell stories. We are working on learning his phone number.

He loves to brush his teeth and take baths. We are still working on getting him back to being potty trained without having accidents. He regressed back in March when I went into the hospital and we haven't been able to get him back to being 100% potty trained yet. We have a sticker chart and for each day he is dry all day, he gets a sticker. For every 5 stickers he gets to go to the treasure chest. He's about 50/50. He loves to eat...sometimes I think we're going to be in trouble as he gets older. lol. No sooner do we finish one meal, than he's already saying he's hungry again and wanting to know what the next snack/meal is going to be and when. My goodness can he eat a lot when he wants to. He's really not a picky eater either which is nice. :-) I think his favorite food are cheeseburgers right now. He loves pizza too!

We're still working on safety too..this child has NO fear and is constantly having to be reminded of eveyrthing. He loves to read and to play with his cars and dinosaurs. He also likes his Spiderman toys and is always talking about what his superhero powers are. He thinks he can fly and make things change colors. ;-)

He got his 4-year shots and really wasn't too happy about it, but he didn't cry that bad. He's all set to start preschool this fall.

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