Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Behavior Charts

I made the kids good behavior charts with goals to work on. They get 1 goal per month and they earn a sticker for making their goal each day. For every 5 stickers they earn, they get a reward out of the treasure box. At the end of the month, if they get at least 20 stickers on their chart, they get to go to Walmart and pick out a new toy that's $5-10.

Anyway, I gave Josiah a goal to work on not having any accidents and staying dry every day since he really had some troubles with that and regressed with his potty training when I was in the hospital before I had Melina. I was so proud of how well he's done. He earned 23 stickers and got to go to Walmart and he picked out a Toy Story play phone. The girls have been fighting him over it and he's even doing well with sharing with them. He does much better with sharing than Emma seems to do which shocks me somewhat, but I'm proud of him for being so good about it. he still has his moments, but it's nice to see him sharing. He even wanted to get them a present while we were in Walmart which I thought was incredibly sweet, but I told him that they have to work on earning their rewards. I'm getting ahead of myself...back to the kids goals.

Deidra had a goal to work on not sucking her thumb anymore. She was only able to earn 10 stickers. But, it's a start and I'll take it. I'm going to give her another month or so to work on it and see if she can do it...if not, I'm going to bring her in and have her fitted at the orthodontist for a device.

Tracie had a goal to work on not throwing any fits over having to do her therapy sessions. She was able to earn 8 stickers. I'm going to give her a bit of a break and then we're going to attack this one again.

Emma had a goal to be quiet in her room in the mornings when she woke up. She was able to earn 12 stickers. We'll attack this one again in another month or so.

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