Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tracie and the ER

My father-in-law and Andy were building the barn and Melina and I were sitting outside watching them while the littles were outside playing. Tracie swings herself on the swingset by swinging on her stomach. She hurt herself by falling forward and doing a face plant in the dirt while she was swinging forward. She started crying and had a bloody nose. Andy took her inside to wash her up and she came back outside a few minutes later. I noticed that she still had some blood coming out of her nose, so I took her back inside to clean her up again when I noticed that she had blood puddling in her mouth on the bottom. That's when I noticed the big bash in the inside of her lower lip. It looked pretty bad and I told Andy I was going to take her into the ER to make sure she didn't need stitches. Triage thought she was going to need a couple of stitches so they sent us to the ER clinic. The nurse checked to make sure she didn't have any loose teeth and we got the all clear there. The nurse practitioner came in to check her over and she wound up giving me 2 to do stitches...two to let it heal on it's own and do a course of antibiotics. She told me the mouth is the fastest healing on the body and it would get better in 2-3 days. I didn't want to traumatize her with the stitches as it took me a long time to get her or her sister to go into a hospital/doctor's office without trying to run out the door anytime we got in the I opted to go for the antibiotic route. She got a popsicle for being so brave and we did our discharge paperwork and came back home. Motrin around the clock for pain and antibiotics twice a day.

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Blogger Joy said...

glad she's ok! ER trips can be scary!

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