Friday, August 20, 2010

Melina's teething

Andy met me at the doctor's office and took the littles home while I stayed with Melina at the doctor's office. I guess it all worked out as my father-in-law arrived a few minutes after he got home. :-)

Anyway, Melina's ears were fine but the doctor noticed that she's trying to get her bottom two front teeth. She's been drooling and blowing bubbles lately and I had been feeling around in there, but not feeling anything. I know babies can start teething awhile before any teeth show up, but I was shocked when she said that it was the bottom two front teeth because you can't tell from the top of her gums. She showed me where the gums were flat in the front and told me that's how you can tell that they're getting teeth in those areas. Learn something new everyday as I never knew how to look from the bottom of the gum I do. :-) So, I went and got some teething tablets and we give her some infant's tylenol when she's really fussy too and that is helping. The teething tablets helped her to sleep as well when I first gave them to her as she had been really restless. Glad it's not an ear infection...but I did feel a little dumb that I didn't realize that she was just teething. A friend of mine said "you didn't major in mind's ok." That's true...she can't talk yet, so I didn't really know. It's all good. :-)

Oh, and we found out that she's 11 lbs now. She's doubled her birth weight. YEAH!



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