Monday, August 30, 2010

Had a wonderful time!

We left around 8:00 on Friday and headed to Austin. We went and hung out at 6th street and seeing all the young people made us feel old. We drank a margarita at the Iron Cactus and just people watched. Some guy came up and blew us all kisses through the window and we just busted out laughing. Had fun laughing at all the outfits (or lack of coverage) that the girls were wearing and how everyone couldn't seem to walk with their high heels on. We saw some drunks who could barely walk and we just talked and had some laughs. Not our crowd really at all, but it was funny. Think we got back to our hotel (The Sheraton)around 2 am and went to bed. Andy woke me up around 6:30 or 7 the next morning with an update with how the kids were doing. Meshawn and I went down and got some breakfast and sat outside. It was fun talking and getting to know her better. We went upstairs once Julie and Amy were up and we got ready to head to San Antonio. We ate lunch at CiCi's and shopped at Big Lots on the way down. Once we got to San Antonio, we stayed at the Drury Inn on the Riverwalk and the room was really nice. We walked on the Riverwalk and took the bus down to the Marketplace. We all got Pina Coladas and shopped. We went back to our room and just talked and shared stories for awhile and had a good time just relaxing. We went back down the Marketplace for dinner and ate Las Margaritas. It was slow to get seated, but once we got our food it was good. We walked back to our room and watched some tv and talked some more before we headed to bed. Sunday, we got up and Meshawn and I went down and got breakfast while Amy and Julie got ready. We checked out and headed to San Marcos to shop at the outlets. Meshawn took us to get lunch at Centerpointe at an antique store that had really good burgers. We even saw some $400 flip flops (no joke). It was crazy! Got the kids all some new outfits at Ross, Carters, and Osh Kosh. I even got myself a couple new tops at Ross. I didn't find anything for Andy, although it wasn't for lack of trying. We got home around 8ish and I went and said good night to the kids and showed Deidra her new jeans and shirt that I got for her. She was excited. Of course, I had to shower Melina with hugs and kisses. I missed her so much. Andy sent me a picture of her while we were driving home of her smiling and it made me tear up in the car...I really missed her. I rocked her to sleep last night and enjoyed cuddling with her. I got up with her last night to feed her and I laid her down with me, I just wanted to cuddle her. Everyone enjoyed their surprises that Mommy brought home for them. :-) Mommy came home nice and relaxed. It did me good to get that break and to have some "girl" time. We're already trying to figure out where we want to go next. Thank you, Lord, for bringing me some friends and for giving me this weekend to get to know them better and to relax.

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