Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How is it possible to love someone tiny SO much?

Do you ever wonder how it's possible to love someone SO tiny SO much? I love my baby girl SO incredibly much that sometimes I look at her and my heart swells so much that I start to cry. They're total tears of love and joy. I'm just smitten with her. She's so precious and so happy and content and she just smiles and laughs at us. She's such a good baby. She is honestly such a joy to all of us. The kids all love her...she's got Andy and I wrapped around her little fingers. I love to hold her and play with her. It surprises me sometimes to see the bond that Deidra has with her too. Deidra loves to hold her and make her giggle. I worried that it would be hard for Deidra being 9 years older than her...but seeing them together now makes me so happy. All of the kids love her and she smiles at them and watches them at all times. The doctor says that she is trying hard to be a big girl and everyone is always surprised at how alert she is....she's been that way from the moment she was born. If she's awake, she's just taking everything around her in. She's definitely curious. I always tell everyone that she's got 3 sisters and a brother that she wants to go after and do the things that they're doing. She really is such a blessing around here. I just love her so incredibly much. My little sweetheart. Thank you, Abba, for this precious baby girl.



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