Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prayer for my Children

Lord, I lift up my children to you in prayer today. I pray that you will be with Deidra, Emily, and Josiah at school today. Help them to have a blessed day and be with their teachers too as they instruct them throughout the day. I pray that you will bring a Christian friend to each of them so that they will have someone that they can count on throughout the years. I also pray that you will keep them from evil influences. I pray too that you will give them joyful and obedient hearts to learn and to be good influences to others.

I pray for Tracie as she stays here at home with me. She totally doesn't know what to do with herself once her sisters and her brother go off to school. I pray that she will adjust ok and that she will flourish as we work on things and teach her things at home to help her and that she will enjoy her alone play as well. She is a great big sister to Melina and I think they will have a great friendship as well once baby girls gets a big older. Tracie loves to help with her and talk to her too.

I also pray for little Melina. She is such a happy and content baby and such a joy. We all just love her to pieces. Help her to continue to grow well and be healthy and to meet all of her milestones. She is just so precious. She makes us all smile and laugh everyday.

I thank you dear Lord for all of my precious children. I am one very blessed Mommy. I also pray that you will heal Tracie and Melina from their boo-boos this weekend and that they will heal nicely and fast. I thank you that Tracie didn't need stitches either and that we were able to go another route. And I pray that the owie by Melina's eye will heal quickly and that she will quit rubbing it and irritating it.

I also pray that we will be able to get some answers to therapy for the kids, so that they are able to continue getting the services that they need.

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