Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Urgent Care Visit for Me

I went in because I was having bladder infection symptoms. She asked me how my sugars were and I told her that I hadn't tested them in a few days, but I had been eating more carbs than I normally do so I wouldn't be surprised if I was a little high. She said that they found sugar in my urine, that's why she was asking. Her nurse came in and spot checked me and I was 294. I hadn't been that high since they found out during my first hospital admission with Melina that I had gestational diabetes. She had a baby right after I did and she asked me if Melina was sleeping through the night yet. I said that she isn't, but I really can't complain since she only gets up once a night usually to eat. She said that sleeping 8 hours a night helps regulate the blood sugars, add in the fact that I'm getting a cold and the bladder infection and that I've been eating more carbs and she said she thinks that's why they're up. She gave me a few units of insulin in the office (rather she watched me inject myself) and then sent me home with a sliding scale. She said she knew that I had my blood sugars pretty well controlled as they had my blood results from a month ago, so I just have to do the insulin temporarily until I get my numbers back down to where they need to be.



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