Monday, December 06, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 15

Today was an awesome day!

7:30 am Josiah getting into Tracie's room

8:15 am Tracie getting into Mom's computer

8:40 am Josiah getting into peanuts on the table while I took Melina upstairs. He was just told prior to that that snack time wasn't for a little bit yet.

9:30 am Josiah giving toys to Melina after I said no. (he keeps wanting to give her toys with tiny pieces even though we keep explaining that those types of toys can make her choke)

10:20 am Josiah not stopping when I said "no."

4:00 pm Deidra, Josiah, Emily, and Tracie all had great days at school. Well, Tracie didn't have school today, but she did have therapy and normally she's been throwing huge fits on the speech therapist. So her deal was that if she wanted a reward, she had to nicely do speech. She did! They all got to pick out of the reward jar. Deidra earned music time. Josiah got coloring time. Tracie got game time and she picked to play play-doh. Emily gets to make a special snack with Mommy. Since, we didn't have anything on hand to make what she wanted, I told her that we'd go during the week and she could pick an activity for that night to do with one of her siblings. She picked to color with Josiah.

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