Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting--Day 10

The day went much better, Tracie was excited to get to go to school. Josiah doesn't know what to do with himself when he's the only one home with me and the baby, but he did pretty well. He had a good day at school and Mommy and Melina had a lunch date with a friend. The adult time was much needed.

We got home after school and I had some stuff come up that I had to deal with and things just fell apart. He wanted a snack and I told him that I'd get him a snack when Emily came home which was just a few minutes away. I had a phone call that I had to take and the baby was crying for her bottle. While I was on the phone, Josiah started yelling very ugly at me "snack, snack, snack, you get me a snack right now." I told him that he doesn't ask for things for like that and that I would get him a snack after I finished on the phone and Emily was home from school. I turned around to finish feeding the baby and he had picked up a blanket and thrown it at me. Thankfully, it was just a blanket, but I told him for acting like that, he lost out on his snack. He went over to the recliner and tried to push it over. I had to end my phone call and put him in my lap to calm down. Then, we talked about the appropriate way to ask for things and that we don't push furniture over when we're mad.

Another phone call came in that I had to take and this time Tracie went in to use the bathroom, and when she tried to come out, Josiah had ran over to shut the door on her. Totallly ignored me saying "stop" while I was trying to get over there and just before I reached them, he had shut her wrist in the door.

Emily got home from school and got in more trouble at school and then she got in trouble on the way home from the bus driver as she opened up the emergency exit door while they were on their way home. I wound up giving her a time in and we had a huge talk about safety and how she could have gotten very hurt or someone else could have gotten very hurt due to her doing that. Thankfully, nothing happened, but she is not to touch doors and knobs while on the bus. The bus driver said that she wasn't even supposed to be sitting there in the first place as he doesn't let the kids sit there and they know that.

Deidra had a choir performance and we went to a local restaurant and watched her perform and sing Christmas carols. We got dinner while we were there and Josiah and Deidra got brownies for good behavior at school for dessert. Each day that the kids earn good behavior at school, they get to pick a reward from the reward jar. Tracie missed out on dessert, because she threw a huge fit again at her speech therapist over having to do therapy. This is really becoming a problem for her and we have no idea what is causing it other than it's starting to become really hard for her and whenever something gets hard for her, she starts throwing fits to get out of doing it. Anyway, as we were going to leave, Josiah started pushing and shoving as he didn't feel that Emily was walking fast enough and he always thinks that he has to be the first to do anything. Well, the place was so packed that he had to push past other people as well and I couldn't reach him and I'm saying "Josiah, stop. Slow down. Josiah quit." All the while, he's ignoring me...he got stuck against the garbage can that happened to be on wheels and he kept going at full speed taking the garbage can with him. Finally, I yelled out to Andy who was trying to get the other kids out the door as I couldn't get to him. I'm surprised he didn't knock the whole cabinet with the garbage can in it over. Andy finally was able to get to him and get him to stop and slow down, so no catastrophe happened. We had a huge talk once we got in the car about how we don't run and push and shove to have to be first and that we calmly wait and be patient. He is SO full of energy...if we could bottle it all up, we'd be rich!

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