Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 9

I didn't log today either. Thankfully the day went much better. The kids were much more cooperative. I only had to put Josiah in time in a couple of times in the morning for not playing nicely with Tracie. Josiah and Emily had great days at school. I was able to talk with Emily's teacher and she told me "Please don't ever apologize for Emily's behavior. You are an awesome Mom. She's testing her boundaries and we will get through this." We did agree that if she wants to continue to get warnings on a daily basis...we would excuse the first one and write that up to a bad day...if it happens again, she will miss out on recess until she pulls her behavior back in check. If she ever has a day like she had the other day where she's just doing stuff left and right, she will follow through with a visit to the principal. I told her that she can't threaten to do something and then not do it and if Emily wants to keep behaving badly and then asks when she can go to the office that the teacher needs to send her. Emily needs to learn that behaving that way is not acceptable. I did give her a small reward for good behavior at school. She did get a bad attitude with her siblings later that required me to do a couple of time ins with her for until she got over it as she wouldn't ask nicely for things and just wanted to point, throw a fit, and try to grab for it even after the first time in. So, she sat on my lap for awhile longer and then she tried again. It actually took one more time before she got it right, but we got there and that's all that matters. :-) Tracie only got one time in today for not staying out of stuff that she wasn't supposed to be into. Overall, it was a much better day.

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