Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Day of Blessings

What a beautiful day filled with God's blessings! I love seeing God work in our lives. We have a full plate of things that we are trying to work through, but God has His Hand in it all and days like today just prove it. :-) The kids baptisms were beautiful and such a blessing. Then, to add to the day, Deidra, Andy, and myself all went to confession. Tracie cried because she couldn't go in and talk to the priest too, but we told her that she'd have her own time soon enough. They thanked God for their baptisms in prayer instead. :-) Then, we wound up going to church that night and it was so nice to all go up as a family to receive Holy Eucharist. Andy hadn't been to Communion in quite some time. And the kids all got their blessings while Deidra, Andy, and I got Communion. It was just a really nice day. :-) Thank you, Abba, for all of your blessings upon our family.

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