Friday, November 26, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 5

7:05 am Josiah not staying in his room
7:15 am Josiah not staying in his room
7:25 am Josiah not staying in his room
7:30 am Emily not staying in her room
8:05 am Josiah, Emily, and Tracie rolling and flipping and jumping by Melina even after a warning that they were too close to the baby
8:55 am Tracie putting feet on the entertainment center and kicking the glass
9:05 am Emily flat out didn't listen when I told her no and went about what she wanted to do and told me that's just how it was going to be
9:30 am Emily getting into Deidra's watch again
10:05 am Josiah opening and closing the bathroom door on Emily
10:10 am Emily ignoring my redirection
4:00 pm Josiah bad temper tantrum over Emma going to friend's house with Deidra for playdate
5:00 pm Emily had a bad playdate. She was yelling at her friend, taking toys from her, made her cry, using bad language, barking orders at her friend and being mean. She will not be going next time.
7:00 pm Josiah We noticed just after he had been in the kitchen that there was a bunch of water in the cheesecake that we had left on the counter as we hadn't put it back in the fridge and there were finger holes all in it. He had just gone in the kitchen to get a drink of water. He admitted to doing it.

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