Monday, November 22, 2010

Feel so bad for Deidra...

All she's been talking about is her class field trip to Austin to see the Capitol building and going to a museum. They were going to ride charter buses and she was excited that they had bathrooms and movie screens on them. She couldn't wait for today. They were leaving at 6 am and coming back home at 6 pm. First time the school has done anything like this. She could barely sleep over the weekend as she was just so excited. Yesterday at church she started saying that she was really tired and feeling dizzy. She came home and took a long nap and woke up and she said that she was still dizzy, but not as tired. We went to the grocery store and she started to cry as she was feeling poor. I got some Sprite and some tylenol into her and that made her feel better. I thought it was just because she was overly tired. She went to Awana and we had our Thanksgiving feast and she said that she felt a lot better. We came home and I had her take her temp just to see and it was 99.7. I had her take a bath and put her to bed early. She came in our room in the middle of the night saying that she really didn't feel good and she felt really warm. The alarm went off to get her up for her field trip and she felt even warmer. Took her temp and it was 102.8 and had a headache and still felt dizzy and her throat is sore. We put her back to bed after I gave her some Motrin. She's been sleeping all morning. She's heartbroken that she couldn't go on her field trip. I feel bad that she missed her field trip too, but they were going to be 3 hours away and that's just too far for her to be if she's sick and feeling lousy. I told her that 5th grade is going tomorrow, so hopefully next year she'll be able to go.

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