Friday, November 12, 2010

Deidra and the New Kids...

I'm really proud of her and how she takes the new kids under her wing. I went and had lunch with her the other day and a boy and his Mom sat across from us. Turns out, he's a new student and we all got talking. I really liked his Mom and she just had a baby boy 6 weeks ago. Anyway, after she realized who she was and the kids went back to class she informed that he really adores her. He's coming to her birthday party tomorrow. She told me that the kids at school tease her that he's her boyfriend, but she just really likes to play and hang out with him and he likes to play with her too. I told her not to pay attention to the kids at school and that it's ok to have boys for friends too. They seemed to get along really well and his Mom just called to RSVP that he'd be there for the party and she said he wanted to get her the perfect gift so she was wondering about gift ideas. That's too cute! I'm not ready for all the crushes and stuff...but he is a sweet little boy.

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