Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deidra's 10th birthday!

I sit here with tears in my eyes reflecting about Deidra's pregnancy and birth. I cannot believe that 10 years have already gone by. She is such a sweet little girl and so full of life and she has such a beautiful heart. She is an amazing big sister and looking back on all of those years that she wished for a brother and a sister so that she could have siblings like her friends...I'm so glad that she has a house full of them now. Yes, I'm sure there are times when she wishes she was still that only child, but I know that deep down she wouldn't trade them for anything. She is SO good (well, most of the time) with them. She loves to teach them things and to play with them. And to watch her with Melina....I'm so glad that she loves her baby sister! I was a little nervous that with the age difference between them, of how she was going to do with her. The first thing she does when she gets up for school is to come see her baby sister and love on her and that's the first thing she has to do when she comes home from school. She is a big helper with her too and she loves her baby sister. People ask her in public what she thinks of her and she acts indifferent, but I always tell them it's an act...she loves that baby SO much! I'm proud to see the person that she is becoming. Sure, that tween attitude I could do without...but she really does have a heart...she looks after the new kids at school and quickly becomes their friends and that makes me so proud of her. She is beautiful and I couldn't love her more or be more proud of her. 10 years old...darn, I'm crying again...they grow up too darned fast!

We're going to take her out to Chili's for her birthday tonight and we have a birthday party planned for her on Saturday afternoon here at the house.

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