Sunday, November 07, 2010

Melina is one smart little baby

We were at the grocery store and I got some more applesauce off the shelf and she started kicking her legs and opening her mouth...she loves applesauce! When I put it in the cart, she started crying. We had ran into one of the receptionists that work at the doctors office and she couldn't believe that Melina recognized what that was at only beiing 6 months old. She's always been an alert baby and she takes everything in. She watches her hands open and close now and when she sits up she watches her toes curl and uncurl. So cute to watch her! She still doesn't like it if Mommy goes somewhere in the house that she can't see me. She's definitely got some separation anxiety. I also think its adorable, that just like I do when I'm tired...Melina also rubs her feet together to fall asleep. Too funny!



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