Thursday, November 18, 2010

The things these kids bicker about...

Josiah---Mommy, Tracie just said "Melina."

Emily--Mom, Deidra's picking up the baby.

Tracie--Josiah won't let me have that toy.

Emily--Josiah's giving me one giant headache.

Josiah--the brownies are going to take too much longer (they had to bake in the oven)

Deidra--how come I have to behave and the little kids get away with everything?

Emily--Josiah just said "butt" and he won't get his feet off of me

Tracie--I gotta go potty too (the minute someone steps into the bathroom).

Josiah--I don't want to be quiet.

Deidra--Emma isn't listening.

Emily--Josiah and Tracie won't leave me alone.

Josiah--I want to watch tv. I want to watch a kids show. I don't want to go play.

Sometimes I just have to laugh to stay's never ending some days no matter what I try and do.

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