Thursday, November 18, 2010


Josiah has been full of energy...I mean overflowing with energy. I'm doing all this sensory stuff with him trying to calm him down and nothing is working. I went to my sensory board for support and I had a Mom ask me about RAD. I told her that it hasn't been ruled out. Another Mom told me that her son isn't adopted but she was reading a book by Daniel Hughes that is called Attachment Focused Parenting and it was helping her son with his behaviors and he had alot of stuff going on that was similar to Josiah. We are having problems with Emma and her behavior and her attitude as well and Tracie struggles alot with fits and whining anytime she doesn't like the answer or she's told to wait a second or sometimes it's just because she wants something and doesn't want to have to ask for something...she'd rather cry instead. Things are hard for her...she cries. She doesn't want to do something...she cries. She is really doing a lot of 2-year old behaviors right now. With her developmental delays it's understandable. But, I told Andy I think it's time to pursue some attachment therapy and see if that this point it can't hurt. I'm going to start with reading Building the Bonds of Attachment by Daniel Hughes and the Attachment Focused Parenting book and see if we can see some improvements and I'm going to hunt down an attachment therapist in Dallas to see if we can be seen and get the littles evaluated.

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