Friday, November 19, 2010

I just want peace...

The more and more I think about it, it's really time to pursue the attachment part of all of this parenting the littles. I'm so tired of having to redirect and correct them every 2 seconds. Josiah can't do anything without it turning into a process. You tell him to get dressed, he takes his clothes off as slow as possible, then he starts jumping around naked, trying to stick his butt in Tracie's face, all the while I'm telling him to get his clothes on, then he'll slowly put on his underwear, then he's slamming himself into the couch, then he's climbing up on the couch, then he'll get his shirt on all the while yelling "I can''s too hard." He does it everyday, he's perfectly capable of doing it. Then, he's got to run around the room, grab himself a few times, then he will go and get his pants on...all the while I'm telling him to focus and that he needs to get dressed. Can't have him get dressed in his room or the bathroom as he's coming out every 2 seconds or he's getting into stuff he shouldn't be and making a bigger mess. Every little thing I ask him to do turns into a test...go get the baby's diaper for me..."this one? mean this one?...I don't want to...where are they?" He's got to walk backwards all around the house and knock stuff over when he's told to go do something. Time outs don't work, spankings don't work, taking things away doesn't work. Every day, he acts like he doesn't have to follow the rules. He knows that he's not supposed to go into anybody elses bedroom but his own, yet every morning he sneaks into Deidra's room and gets into her things and breaks stuff. There's no remorse. You ask him why he does that and he says "I don't know." I'm just tired of all the behavior issues and more and more people are telling me that it sounds like RAD. The behavior therapists aren't really convinced of that, but you tell me why we can't get his behavior to modify. It's really like he just doesn't care. He's getting in trouble left and right at school as well. He'll tell me "I didn't know I couldn't write on the furniture." I ask him "are you allowed to write on the furniture at home?" He'll say "no." It's like he has no respect for's all about what he wants...he slams the toys down, he breaks things, he's ruined the window sills in his room, scrapes the paint off the walls when he's mad, I'm just tired of all of it and want there to be peace in the house. He gets in the girls' faces when they're playing nicely and has to stir them all up...he doesn't respect their space at all. It's all a game to him sometimes. Don't get me wrong, there's times that he can be sweet and funny, but the day-to-day stuff and battles and behavior issues are wearing me out.

Emma's got a lot of behavior problems lately too and I'm wondering if this attachment therapy would help all of us.

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