Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 3

This was a very trying day for me...but I made it through with God's grace and I didn't lose my temper. I had a day of cleaning and baking planned and I made something with each of the kids. Josiah and I made cinnamon apple chex mix. I made sugar cookies with Emma and Tracie...Emma got to make snowmen and Tracie got to make reindeer.

7:25 am Emma and Josiah TI wouldn't stay in their rooms

7:50 am Josiah TI he asked to get down from the table and then knocked his cup and bowl and everything all over and kept doing it repeatedly and then asking over and over where to put them and where they needed to go and the whole time I kept telling him to put them in the sink and he'd just knock them down or drop them purposely on the floor

8 am Emma TI took Deidra's Nintendo DS without permission and took it into the bathroom where she knows no toys are allowed

8:20 am Tracie drew all over the furniture and refused to clean it up when asked

8:25 am Josiah put his feet in Emma's face even after she asked him to stop

9:05 am Emma drew on the furniture

1 pm Josiah took scissors to my candles on the table while he knew that I was sidetracked with signing papers for the speech therapist

1:15 pm Josiah I was outside getting Christmas presents put in the garage by the Fex-Ex man and I had told the kids to stay in the house with Deidra. He ran screeching and giggling outside not once but twice in the 3 minutes I was outside with Deidra running after him.

1:30 pm Josiah wouldn't quit throwing toys all over Deidra while she was trying to rest on the couch

2:40 pm Tracie she got into Deidra's water bottle and was drinking it in the living room (her cup was on the counter in the kitchen where she had total access to it and she knows that no food or drink go out of the kitchen)

3:15 pm Josiah taking things from Emma and talking mean

3:20 pm Emma and Tracie for lying and hitting each other

4 pm Emma and Tracie wouldnt' stay out of stuff while I was trying to finish up baking

4:30 pm Emma bad attitude over having to wait to eat cookies

5:05 pm Emma got into Josiah and Deidra's rooms and took stuff without permission

5:15 pm Josiah was supposed to be cleaning up toys in the playroom and was getting into stuff in the kitchen instead

5:40 pm Josiah got mad at Emma over toy and told her that he hated her

5:45 pm Josiah jumping on the furniture

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