Thursday, November 25, 2010

Attachment Focused Parenting--Day 4

6:30 am Josiah not staying in his room

6:50 am Josiah not staying in his room

7 am Josiah trying to sneak into the girls' room to wake them up

7:50 am Emily and Tracie getting into stuff by the computers

8 am Josiah hitting Tracie

9:30 am Tracie kicking the glass on the entertainment center

10:05 am Emily hitting Josiah

11:00 am Josiah jumping all over the girls while they were watching tv

11:30 am Josiah jumping all over the girls

11:55 am Emily not sharing and talking ugly

7:10 pm Emily took Deidra's watch that didn't belong to her and when Josiah saw her and told on her, she lied about having it and then said she knew where it was. She crawled all over the kitchen floor and when we asked her again if she knew where it was she said that she couldn't find it. Finally, we searched her and found that she had shoved it down her pants. This is becoming a huge problem at school...if she wants something she just takes it and hides it. She's fast too so alot of times nobody really sees her. We keep talking to her about it, yet it's not sinking in.

Andy and I have both been doing really good about trying to be patient, being empathetic, and trying not to lose our tempers. Things have been going well, but Andy did raise his voice when Emily got caught with the watch. This time in thing is hard...the girls tolerate it alot better than Josiah does. Josiah is still trying to push any buttons that he can...he's pinching me, squeeling, trying to get out of my arms, whatever button he can try to push. I keep telling myself that we're just starting this, so it may get worse before it gets better.

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