Monday, November 29, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 8

I don't have a log of today, but I will say that it was a very rough day. Josiah got up and was like a tornado all over the place. Didn't like something and he was kicking the walls or the floor, jumping all over Tracie, taking everything from Tracie, the minute Tracie went to play with something and was content he was right on top of her trying to push her buttons and he would not stop talking and yelling everything. He had occupational therapy and that provided a nice little break for me. Did some puzzles with Tracie while he was in therapy. She did a great job...sometimes she really struggles with them. :-) Took Josiah to school while Tracie did her occupational therapy. We talked about being nice to our friends, listening to his teacher, eating nicely in the lunchroom, and he was excited to go. Came home and had some quiet time while Melina napped and Tracie laid on the couch and fell asleep. Decided to read for awhile and spend some time in prayer. Just as school let out, I got a call from the school nurse about Deidra complaining that her throat hurt and she said her throat still looked really red. She's still on her antibiotics, but I said that I'd put in a call to the doctor to see if she needed different ones or not.

After school, it became utter chaos. Ran and got Josiah from school and he started in on acting up right away. Didn't want to get his seatbelt on, had to pull over on the side of the road until he decided to cooperate. Then, he started screeching and pulling on his seatbelt and messing around in the car seat. Had to run to the pharmacy and they didn't have enough to fill a presciption. More screeching and more acting up and he got the baby upset. Ran home to get Emily off the bus. She said that she only listened for a little bit at school. Had to go get Deidra from choir. Josiah and Emily started acting up in the car. Screeching, trying to get out of their car seats, talking and yelling nonstop and trying to get into each other's spaces. They upset the baby again. I had to pull over and climb into the back to set them both straight. Ran to a different pharmacy to see about getting Josiah's meds filled and on the way we got stopped for 10 minutes by a train. Baby screamed the entire time and Josiah and Emily just wouldn't stop their antics. Thankfully, the pharmacy filled it for me on the spot.

Got home to a call from Andy. Emily's teacher had called him as her behavior at school was so bad. She hadn't ever seen her act like that before. Wouldn't stop rolling around on the floor, didn't get any of her work done, was a total distraction to the class, the teacher threatened that if she didn't start behaving that she would have to go to the office to see the principal. They went to specials and came back to class and Emily says "ok, when am I going to the office?" The teacher didn't send her because she didn't know how Emily was going to act in there. Well, that upset me as what message does that send? You ahve to follow through with what you're saying you're going to do. She wanted Andy to have me email her. So, I did. I told her that if she's going to act up like this at school (her behavior all month has been atrocious anyway), she can start missing recess and if she acts up really bad that she just doesn't need to be threatened with going to the principal..the teacher needs to send her there. I keep trying to get a feel for her behavior on a daily basis in the classroom, so I can see if they think her meds need to be adjusted or if it's just a one time thing that she does to get a warning each day. But, yesterday she made it to red and she should have been on blue. I'm not getting any replies from the teacher and this is the 3rd or 4th time that I've tried to ask. So, I guess tomorrow I'm going to have to see about getting a conference with the teacher so I can get some answers to what all ahs been going on this month and what all Emily has been doing so I have the information that I need to go to the doctors.

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