Friday, December 03, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 12

7-7:30 am Josiah lots of redirection back to his room...met with lots of testing and defiance

9:15-10 am Josiah lots of energy and jumping all over the place...lots of reminding from Mommy that he needed to slow down and be careful

10:30 am Josiah had to chase him all over the house and from behind the furniture to do time out for not listening because he wouldn't quit jumping on the furniture and when I told him to get down he just looked at me and kept jumping. I told him he was getting a time-in and he hid behind the chair and I was trying to get him one way and he was running the opposite direction and then we played the same game around the kitchen table and then I had to chase him into a corner of the playroom before I could take him by the hand and take him to the time-in spot.

11:00 am Josiah I let him get a sucker at the doctor's office since he behaved very well while I took Melina in to see the pediatrician

3:45 pm Emily she got a warning at school that she tried to scribble out and she lied about what happened. I called her teacher and got the scoop and we talked about her behaviors lately. I also told her what we were doing at home to try and reinforce good behavior at school (reward jar).

4:00 pm Deidra, Josiah, and Tracie they had great days at school so they got to draw from the reward jar. Deidra got a meal with Daddy (restaurant). Josiah got to pick a tv show. Tracie got to pick a movie for family movie night.

4:15 pm Josiah jumping all over Tracie

4:20 pm Emily getting into stuff and trying to get Josiah to do it too

4:35 pm Emily and Josiah Josiah snatched her toy out of her hands and Emily grabbed his arm and bent it backwards really hard

5:15 pm Emily and Josiah Emily told Josiah to spray the bottle of baby formula that was sitting on the floor all over the side of the couch and the floor. They both had to help me clean it up.

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