Thursday, December 02, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 11

7-7:30 am Josiah lots of redirection back to his room...met with constant testing and defiance

7:30 am Josiah moving as slow as possible to get ready for breakfast and acting up

8:00 am Josiah while I was coming downstairs he was reaching for Daddy's flashlight which was standing up on the counter. I said "don't touch that." He knocked it over and sent dishes crashing off of the counter.

8:10 am Josiah burping repeatedly after being asked to stop and then running from me when I asked him to come to me

9:00 am Josiah jumping on the furniture

3:00 pm Josiah pushing a friend down really hard at school

3:45 pm Deidra, Tracie, and Emily all got star stamps at school for a good day so they got to draw from the reward jar. Deidra got to stay up late. Tracie got to pick our dinner meal. Emily got story time with Daddy.

5:40 pm Josiah throwing toys because they didn't work at the walls and at his sisters

6:40 pm Josiah splashing water all over the girls when they were trying to wash up...Josiah was not supposed to be in the bathroom at the time.

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