Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mom and Dad's Thankful Calendar

We all made a thankful calendar for the month of November to show the things that we are thankful for. We got a bit off track, some of us made it farther than others, but that's ok. It's about focusing on our blessings. :-)

Here is the one that I made...
1. Faith
2. Parents
3. Grandparents
4. Andy
5. My brothers, Zach and Jimmie
6. Hubby cooking
7. Friends
8. Cousins
9. Therapists
10. Visit with Dad
11. Deidra
12. Girl Time
13. Our house
14. Josiah
15. Paying cash for things. Not having to use credit cards.
16. Emily
17. Mother-in-Law
18. Father-in-Law
19. The families that we met while fostering that can understand our journey
20. Time out with my Mom
21. Tracie
22. Doctors
23. Melina
24. Family



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