Saturday, December 24, 2011

A new psychiatrist for Josiah...

Our attachment therapist had told us that we needed a new psychiatrist that had some experience and was more familiar with the needs of kids who had been through foster care and suffered from neglect. She knew I was pretty upset at having to start over with a new resident at Children's each year. Everytime we got one to understand what our daily struggles were, it was time for them to leave and we got a new one. This new one that we got a couple of months ago didn't even want to listen to me and just wanted to hear Josiah...Josiah was lying about stuff and thinking everything was funny and the resident told me he wanted to take him off his agression meds as they weren't working if we were still experiencing the level of agression that he has. I told him that I wasn't comfortable with that as he's even more of a hand full when he's not on those meds and it did curb his agression somewhat from before he was on it. He labeled him as depressed and told me that over the next couple visits he was going to pull him off of his meds and put him on some Zoloft. I wasn't comfortable with that and neither was our attachment therapist. She got me the name of a new dr that another one of her familiy's used and we sent in the paperwork for an appt. We weren't supposed to be seen until Feb. 4, but they called and got us in earlier. We met with her today up in Garland. She kept him on his current meds, but added Kapvay to the mix. She said it shoudl slow him down to where he's not so hyper all of the time. I'm excited to see what happens and I'm glad that we have a new doctor with experience and who is willing to listen to us as parents about what's going on and our struggles as well.



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