Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Attachment Therapy

Things are going well with attachment therapy. I did let her know that Tracie has been so much more affectionate with me since our last appt when she had her little breakthrough. Dr. was thrilled! I did let her know that Emma has been really struggling and doing things to try and get the others in trouble, lying, major attitude, and very bossy. She asked how long this has been going on and asked if it started up shortly after our last appt. I said now that I thought about it it did. She said she thought maybe she knew why. She had Emma draw a heart and label all the people that she had love for. Then, she had her make a fist and hold it next to me and then I had to do the same and put mine next to hers. She told Emma...see how much bigger Mom's heart is...she has room to hold all the love in there for all the people that need it from her. There's plenty of love for not only Tracie, but for you too. I think that really got through to her and I never even realized that was what was going on. However, Emma was always used to giving me hugs and kisses all of the time and Tracie wouldn't do it as much. That used to be the complete opposite a couple of years ago. But, I'm glad that Dr. saw it and was able to help us to talk through that. She went back to being her loving little self afterwards. Josiah really struggled while we were there. When she brought them back she told them to come sit with Mommy and Daddy. Tracie came and sat by me, Emma sat on the chair by Andy, and Josiah chose to sit all the way on the other side of the room almost. She told him to go sit down by Mom or Dad. He went up to her and stood there. She said "am I your Mom or your Dad?" He says "Mom." She looked at him adn asked the question again and he had the same answer. "Mom." She wound up sending him to the corner. She brought him out a few minutes later and asked again and he then said "Dad." She sent him back to the corner again. After another couple of minutes she asked him again and he finally said "no." Her advice to us though on all of his temper tantrums, acting like a baby, bed wetting in underwear, but holding it and making it to the bathroom while in a pull-up was just to treat him like a baby for now and hopefully he'd make the decision to want to grow up and take some developmental steps soon. She said too that with all the constant talking he does, that he really needs to learn dialogue and not monologue. I told her that's hard too as it's very hard to hold a conversation with him. You either get "i don't know." or he just stares at you or he says something off the wall that doesn't even pertain to what's going on. She said to kind of talk down to him for awhile and use 2-year-old talk as that seems to be the stage that he's stuck in right now. We had a good appt and she has been such an answer to prayer.

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