Thursday, July 19, 2012

Melina and the Pacifier

A couple of weeks ago, Melina started taking her pacifier clips off and handing them to us. She'd come and ask for it when she wanted it again. She calls it her "ice." Anyway, Tuesday, she bit her last one in half. It was a hard day with the kids, and I didn't feel like listening to more crying...I was just ready for peace and quiet and I knew if I put her to bed without a pacifier that she wasn't going to be happy. I went and bought two more, however I told her that we were only going to have the pacifier when she went down for her nap and down for night night. Yesterday, she came and asked me a couple of times for her "ice" and I told her "no, we have to do wait until it's night-night time to have that." She'd get upset, but as long as we distracted her she did fine with it. So proud of her! Hopefully, in a little while we'll have her totally weaned from it.



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