Thursday, July 12, 2012

A political discussion and a dream...

It's amazing to me how our brains work...

First, let me start out with what happened last night...Andy's Dad (a democrat) and Andy ( a conservative) were having a political discussion about voter ID being enforced to vote. It led into several different topics. Andy's Dad happened to mention that all congress was trying to do was overturn things like Roe vs Wade and he won't tell anyone how he feels about that...he just doesn't discuss it. I never batted an eye at what he said. I was rocking Melina and playing with her before bed at the time.

I went to sleep last night, woke up enough to roll over and apparently my brain was processing that information as it was right there in my was then, that I father-in-law is apparently pro-choice. I've never heard anyone who was pro-life say that they didn't discuss those things or tell anyone how they feel about Roe vs. Wade. Then, I told my husband that all I see congress in battles about now is the battles concerning religion and birth control, abortion, and that type of thing. I haven't heard of overturning roe vs. wade. I don't keep all that much in the loop though as I normally have my hands tied with being hall monitor of the house with behaviors and so forth ensuring safety of all in my house.

Andy said that must have been a brain mechanism that my brain has so that I didn't start yelling at him about pro-life. I told him that I can remember even sitting in high school and the topic of abortion coming up and listening to the kids talk about it in debate and just leaving the classroom in tears. I strongly believe that no matter how a girl finds herself's not that babies fault. If you don't want a baby for whatever reason...give it up for adoption. There are a lot of waiting parents out there who would gladly take a baby.

I just don't understand...I'm not here to debate it. This is obviously my blog and my feelings on the subject and I'm just being open about them. I believe that God tells us that we shall not kill...that baby is alive from the moment of conception. It's not ok to take that life. I don't judge those who have had them in the past...I've had friends that have opened up and told me that they've had one in the past and how sorry they were that they had one. And I think since they are sorry, God forgives them. He loves us and He understands that we're not perfect and that we make mistakes. I wanted to put that out there in case I've had any readers that have had one in the past.

Anyway, back to what I was trying to say. I don't understand how some people can be pro-choice and yet they're against murder. If a parent made up their mind to kill a child that they didn't like or just because they weren't in the right mind...happens all of the time...we all can agree that is wrong. Yet, we say that when a child is still in the womb (not in 3rd trimester) that's ok to do it then. it's the same difference in my eyes. Just because we never got a chance to see that baby being held in it's Momma's arms...or we got to see that baby grow up and see it blossom...that makes it ok to take their life. So, a woman makes the decision to abort their baby 1 day before they hit the 3rd trimester, or a week before...that's ok? Yet, it's not once they reach the 3rd trimester. I don't know...I'm being all over the place now. I guess I just don't understnad and knowing my father-in-law and the type of person that he is, I guess it just surprised me. Granted, he never came out and said it...but he knows that we are pro-life and that most of his family is too and so I can understand why he wouldn't come out and discuss it. I'll end it now.

Lord, I lift up all the Momma's out there who are scared to find out that they are pregnant and don't know what to do. I just pray that they will give their babies the best gift of And I pray for all those unborn babies out there. I pray that the Momma's who want to go to abortion clincis today, will have a change of heart and that they will realize that they have other options that can give their babies life. Amen.

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